Our Services
We offer a variety of services for our clients. Our consultation fee is $135.00 per hour, this includes time spent on our clients specific needs, as in the following areas:
Consultation on blueprint
 We can produce for our clients a permit ready floor plan to best meet their needs and the needs of their family or staff.

New construction and remodeling
We offer the client our expertise of overseeing and offering our advise during the construction period.

Space planning and drafting
This is where we really shine. We are happy to go over your blueprint preferably before your plans are completed, we can often give you a more functional home that you feel relaxed in.

Furniture placement
This service goes hand in hand with space planning. We look at what furniture you have with an outsiders, unattached eye and very often we are able to see what you, the home owner may not be able to. We also offer reupholstering and refinishing services and suggest new items from the furniture showrooms to make your room complete.

Color coordinating
Whether we're talking about paint, furniture or accessories, color makes a great impact on the mood of your home or room. We would love to help you recolor your home inside and out for a total color makeover.

Picture and accessories arrangement
We offer arrangement of paintings and prints and all your accessories, taking items you currently own and rehanging them as well as artfully revamping your shelves. If new items are needed we can supply them from our studio or suggest where purchases can be made.